My heart works 25% what to do to make it stronger? Beat faster an better.

My heart works 25% what to do to make it stronger? Beat faster an better.

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The number you quote is probably the Ejection Fraction. The EF for a normal heart is 50 to 70% ... so in fact your heart is probably working at about 30-50% of normal ... which is rather better sounding than the 25% EF number. The ejection fraction is how much blood your heart pumps out with each beat compared to how much blood the heart holds. No heart pumps out all the blood it contains. Hence 50-70%. It is not usually concerned with the heart rate.

The ejection fraction is NOT a measure of life expectancy. People have lived relatively full and normal lives with a poor ejection fraction. It may limit the amount and / or intensity of activities you can do. Generally it cannot be improved very much. What you need to do is manage your heart's health to stop it from getting worse.

The first thing is take your meds. You are probably prescribed some medications to help prevent arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm) and some will slightly improve the EF especially if the problem is detected early.

The second is lifestyle...

. If you are a smoker - STOP. You need all the oxygen you can get. Smoke contains carbon monoxide which limits the oxygen your blood can carry, amongst dozens of harmful chemicals including nicotine ... the stimulant.

. Low fat low salt diet with plenty of veg and fruit. Salt will cause your body to retain fluids which your heart can't cope with. Reduce the amount of fats in your diet to under 60 gm per day.

. Moderate exercise daily ... check with your cardiologist as to the amount and type of exercise. Possibly a cardiac rehab program would help.

Unfortunately there is no real *cure* for this heart problem ... but if you can stop it getting worse you should get to live a good life.

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