Concerns about blood pressure readinga

My blood pressure was 158/96 pulse 93 at 8:45pm. I took a shower and it is now 143/87 pulse 99. Should I be alarmed?

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Your Blood pressure was high ... now it's marginally high ... but what concerns me is the increase in heart rate.

Are you fully relaxed when taking these measurements or are you tense? Relax ... listen to soothing music or watch relaxing TV and try taking it again.

If the Heart rate continues to rise call your doctor for guidance if they have 24 hour coverage. Otherwise, if it goes above 120 consider having someone take you to the hospital and ask them to check your BP and heart rate at triage. They'll confirm if you should be seen.

I'm not suggesting that you are likely to have a heart attack, but beware of the symptoms and what to do just in case.

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