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What is the cause of an enlarged heart in a child or an adolescent? by Brian
The finding of an enlarged heart in a child or an adolescent who complains of chest pain, cough and some vomiting should prompt an immediate investigation to determine the precise nature of the problem. Several heart conditions can lead to these ...
The Internet is NO SUBSTITUTE for Calling A Doctor by stuart
Almost daily here on Cardio Files, there are posts that go along the line of "I (or someone) has the following symptoms, what should I do?" Most of the time, especially when dealing with the heart, there is only one answer "Call your doctor." I ...

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OK ... I can't really tell you very much ... Ejection fraction is bottom of the normal range. That's the amount of blood your heart's pumping out compared to the amount it can hold. Not ...
by stuart - 2 hours ago
If you have keloid scars you can make them much better by having a doctor inject cortisone directly into the scar. I warn you it hurst like a **** but it works. Another thing to try is ...
by Brianm - 6 hours ago
The numbers associated with an ECG are NOT the results. They are there to assist the doctor when he analyzes the waves. The waves tell the story. I don't know what 5 by 2s + 1 rhythm is ...
by stuart - 7 hours ago
Nothing much I can recommend other than continue to see a doctor. This is clearly very distressing for you.
by stuart - 7 hours ago
The numbers are NOT an ECG report. They are there to make it easier for the doctor who examines the ECG traces to analyze it. We are NOT doctors here ... this is a patient forum. ...
by stuart - 10 hours ago
I presume this is from surgery? If so when?
by stuart - 13 hours ago

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