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What is the cause of an enlarged heart in a child or an adolescent? by Brian
The finding of an enlarged heart in a child or an adolescent who complains of chest pain, cough and some vomiting should prompt an immediate investigation to determine the precise nature of the problem. Several heart conditions can lead to these ...
The Internet is NO SUBSTITUTE for Calling A Doctor by stuart
Almost daily here on Cardio Files, there are posts that go along the line of "I (or someone) has the following symptoms, what should I do?" Most of the time, especially when dealing with the heart, there is only one answer "Call your doctor." I ...

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You should go and see your doctor.
by stuart - 3 hours ago
Call his doctor. I can't tell you because there are just too many possible reasons for this.
by stuart - 3 hours ago
Those are excellent vitals. Both lisinopril and elequis may result in fatigue unfortunately. The lisinopril is to lower your BP to cut the chances of afib. And the elequis is to prevent ...
by stuart - 15 hours ago
Get medical treatment URGENTLY. Your high blood pressure could cause a heart attack or stroke.
by stuart - 17 hours ago
Your LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) is too high. Your HDL cholesterol is at the very bottom of acceptable for men (HDL is the "good cholesterol) and slightly low for women. The ...
by stuart - 18 hours ago

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