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The Internet is NO SUBSTITUTE for Calling A Doctor by stuart
Almost daily here on Cardio Files, there are posts that go along the line of "I (or someone) has the following symptoms, what should I do?" Most of the time, especially when dealing with the heart, there is only one answer "Call your doctor." I ...
Blood Pressure and Heart Rate by stuart
What is normal blood pressure for (man/woman/age/healthy) etc? What is the normal heart rate for ....? These are exceptionally common questions. IF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE IS OUTSIDE THE RANGE CONSIDERED NORMAL, THEN YOU SHOULD TALK TO YOUR ...
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PQ, 284 ms, QRS 84 ms, QTc 557 , Stmax 0.05 , HR 68 bpm, R-R 885 ms what does the ecg report say
by Madan Mohan - 1 hour ago
What are the normal PT level and INR level for a woman of 60 years old. PT - 11.0 INR - 1.00
by salil chaudhuri - 2 hours ago
I'm sorry to hear that, I'm 38. My resting heart rate will spike to 126 at times but it's not scary high and I have mvp also.
by Julie Orbe - 15 hours ago
Bad link above ... try this ... http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/medicine/blood-pressure.htm
by stuart - 22 hours ago
Talk to your doctor ... your blood pressure is slightly high.
by stuart - 22 hours ago
This is NOT the ECG results. These numbers are printed on the ECG for the assistance of the doctor when he studies the ECG waves and their shapes. The shape of the waves is the important ...
by stuart - 22 hours ago
Just be on the lookout for other symptoms. Definitely make an appointment with your doctor tomorrow to tell him about the situation. And if any more symptoms appear, get to urgent care.
by stuart - 1 day ago

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