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The Internet is NO SUBSTITUTE for Calling A Doctor by stuart
Almost daily here on Cardio Files, there are posts that go along the line of "I (or someone) has the following symptoms, what should I do?" Most of the time, especially when dealing with the heart, there is only one answer "Call your doctor." I ...
Blood Pressure and Heart Rate by stuart
What is normal blood pressure for (man/woman/age/healthy) etc? What is the normal heart rate for ....? These are exceptionally common questions. IF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE IS OUTSIDE THE RANGE CONSIDERED NORMAL, THEN YOU SHOULD TALK TO YOUR ...

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QT interval: 420 milliseconds or less if heart rate is 60 beats per minute (bpm)
by Brian - 54 minutes ago
Where is this pain? Do you feel it on your chest wall? Or inside your chest? It is a tightness or general pain?
by Brian - 55 minutes ago
Thank you i will speak to the doctor again he told me yesterday that if i were to have increased heart rate lasting more than 10 minutes chest tightness lasting more than 10 minutes or my ...
by HELEN - 4 hours ago
I am going for 2Decho in couple of days. I'm little worried as I'm obese also I have bad GERD since morning.
by Guest - 4 hours ago
There is a chance there are some abnormalities talk with your doctor.
by Brian - 4 hours ago
Generally these apps are somewhat reliable. That pulse and blood pressure is normal.
by Brian - 4 hours ago

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